Car’s Forsale

1993 Mazda RX-7 R1

One of our customers has decided to focus his energy on his 93 Touring and sell his 93 R1 to fund the project. This car was fully serviced by a Mazda dealer it’s entire life, with records to prove it. It’s sporting a recent coat of paint due to the common clearcoat peeling and is 99% stock! The only upgrade being a Alpine stereo!

The R1 Package includes:

1) Upgraded struts and springs

2) Dual oil coolers

3) No sunroof and no bose audio system!

4) Upgraded brake ducting

5) Front and rear aero

The motor was replaced with a factory Reman by the dealer, along with the clutch and wiring harness. You would never guess the car has 192k!


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